TENS Machine.jpg

TENS Machine

Well proven to be an effective tool for the management of pain.

Serola Belt.jpg

Serola belt

Designed to support the pelvis and improve pelvic pain. May be particularly useful during pregnancy.

Toilet Stool.jpg

Toilet stool

A well designed stool to make bowel emptying easier….. and it tucks away under the toilet between uses.

ITB Roller.jpg

ITB roller

A useful tool for self massage.

Rock Tape copy.jpg

Rock tape


Fisio crem

A pain relieving cream using natural ingredients.

Ice n Easy copy.jpg

Ice ‘n’ Easy

Maximal cold therapy with an easy to use strap.

Bak balls.jpg

Bak balls

Great self treatment tool for mid back stiffness.

Coccyx Pillow.jpg

Coccyx pillow

Designed for ergonomic seated positioning to relieve tailbone pain.

Exercise Ball.jpg

Exercise ball

Great for strength work with minimal lower limb weight bearing.

Lumbar D Roll.jpg

Lumbar D Roll

Very popular to help relieve low back pain during and after sitting.