Workplace Injury Management

Physio Vida provides outcome based rehabilitation programs for work related injuries in order to restore optimal and pain free function to anyone injured in the workplace. Suitable duties plans for return to work are designed and monitored by the treating physiotherapist for a graded return to work and a seamless transition back to full duties.

A GP or medical specialist must refer workplace injuries being claimed via worker’s compensation.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Committing to an effective rehabilitation program following orthopaedic surgery will allow you to achieve the best possible outcomes from the procedure.

At Physio Vida we have many years experience managing rehabilitation programs following all types of surgery including hip, knee, shoulder and ankle.

Pre-employment Screenings

Pre-employment screenings improve the prospect of hiring suitable employees for your workplace. Several years of working in Mt Isa has given Jenny an inside knowledge into the daily demands and necessary physical attributes of industrial workers. She has completed hundreds of pre-employment screenings across all sectors and can competently and efficiently perform yours to provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding prospective employees.

Exercise Programs for Posture Training

In the young, old and everyone in between poor posture can lead to a broad number of aches and pains. This is typically created by an imbalance between some muscles being too strong and others being not strong enough.

At Physio Vida we can assess your postural imbalances and provide a specific exercise program to target your needs.